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A little wad for a new effect.

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I'm not sure if this might be useful on some map, it's a patch that mutes the icon spawner, makes invisible the demon cubes, and replace the fire with a teleport; flash making the illusion of monsters teleporting.
Works on all ports that support dehacked. I'm sure it can be done with cleaner methods (I had to add some void wavs because on skulltag I couldn't use dehacked to mute the target sounds neither replace them with the teleport flash sound).
This could be used if you want to add a new twist on your map (by placing it on the beginning, or in situation where the player has to do something quick, or whatever).

You can get it here

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Lol, good point. The only problem related with telefragging I found was that monsters would get stuck if the thing is used in a normal map, but seeing it well, it'd be very annoying to be telefragged by random spawners, unless the spawn spots are marked by a teleport texture so the player can prevent were not to walk over.
I added some extra speed too to the cubes, I think they still need more to be more aggressive.

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