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Hexen: Edge of Chaos Needs You

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The Hexen: Edge of Chaos team is coming very close to a release, but there are still have some rough edges that need smoothed out. They don't have much work left to do, but just need somebody skilled to do it:

* Mappers, first and foremost.
* A Modeler for static models.
* An Animator to re-animate an existing creature
* A Skin/Texture artist

If you have these or any other skills you would like to offer, please contact the team via e-mail or visit the forums.

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We've gotten a handfull of requests for static models. We might have all we need at the moment, its hard to tell right at the moment, but dropping in "resumes to keep on file" so-to-speak is still greatly appreciated.

we haven't gotten any responses yet from mappers or texture artists, so don't hesitate!

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Wow, this looks absolutely fantastic. I hope you get the help you need as I am definitely looking forward to playing this.

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