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DooM's Delight - a spotify playlist

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Do you have a spotify.com]spotify membership? Then this might be of interest to you. I've spent the last 3-4 days browsing the database of intresting music to include in a new playlist: DooM's delight.

Here is the playlist. Some more tracks has been added after this picture has been uploaded:

It is a playlist spanning over 30 songs with different genres and styles. They have one thing in common. The music is hard hitting, high paced and uptempo. To put it frankly this is perfectly suited for any of the Doom games. I've played both Doom1 and Doom2 with this replacing the music for the games. There are some calmer tunes among them, but they still have the drive in them to get you fraggin' more. I've set this playlist to collaborative so you can add new tracks if you know something that should be included.

Drag the link above to the spotify window's left list. The playlist will be added automatically and becomes ready to play. I hope you like it.

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Kinda useless, considering its country restrictions. I can't access it normally (New Zealand) or through a VPN (located in the US).

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