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Need some help for Zdoom (Doom in hexen format)

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Hi there, i am mapping in Zdoom (doom in hexen format) but the only actions for doors and such are missing, only the ones from hexen appears.Any help on how i can get them? Because i for example cant make a door that requires a blue key.

Help is appreciated. :)

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Okay i'll try searching. But when i watched a doom builder tutorial on youtube, the guy mapping had both doom actions/effects and hexen. I have only the hexen ones. :( But I will try working with the hexens only then. Thanks for the help

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The Doom actions are not available in Hexen format because they would be absurdly redundant. They are all able to be replicated using the Hexen actions.

Here, look at this. It's a list of all Doom action by number, and how they translate to Hexen actions. (Refer to this file for the value of constants.)

So for example, you want a door of type 1.

1 = USE|MONST|REP,	Door_Raise (0, D_SLOW, VDOORWAIT, tag)
	D_SLOW		= 16,
define VDOORWAIT		(150)
So you use a Door_Raise action, that is use activated, with the "monster activate" and "repeatable action" flags, and the parameters doortag: 0, speed 16, wait 150, lighttag whatever's appropriate.

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