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Freeware tools for you who creates textures

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Here is a few freeware tools that I really can recommend when it comes to texture makers.


If you really want to create textures easily then you should test Skinman. It is a vector based tool that lets you do allmost anything regarding textures. Embosses, shades, speculars are just a few things this free tool can pull off. It exports into bmp, png, jpg and other formats. This tool is vectopr based, so you don't need to fiddle around with pixels. It lets you load existing pictures as well, and you can even store pictures as textures that you can use to add as filling to your textures.


Not as simple to use, but quite powerful when it comes to create textures, but it has a forte for animations. Specially tech animations such as skrews, knobs etc etc. Seen the door with the spinning lock in Doom3? This kind of spinning pictures is very easily done with knobman. You can export into many different formats including animated GIF's, and image strips in the other formats. The knob files you create can then be imported into skinman for further application in your textures.


Now we're talking quality freeware. PhotoFiltre is a photo retouch tool features allmost exactly what Photoshop has, even support for it's filters and palettes (IIRC), This will help vanilla builders getting the palette right in their textures. This tool ain't free, but it is a steal for the price it has: €29 for a very good graphic tool.

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I got the knowledge how to sell from my father Björn Brodd (RIP), he was a damn good insurance seller with a lot of customers around the vicinity of Stockholm. That ain't my gebit though, but thanks for the advice anyways.

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Mithral_Demon said:

OOC- You should be a Tv Market person like Billy Mays.

What? Dead? That's a bit harsh. :P

These tools are pretty interesting. Knobman, despite its "nudge nudge, wink wink, snicker" name looks pretty useful.

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Nomad said:

Don't forget Wally. It's been around for a long time and is still relevant.

Meh, the only relevance it ever had was to convert textures into the .wal format.

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My father gave me the advice to provide as relevant information in as compact form as possible. This way one can get more said in less time. :) Don't forget about GIMP which is a very competent tool for art design. Alot of free brushes covering most aspects of creation can be found on deviant art. Right now I have to go to bed, will provide more useful info when I'm rested.

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