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Pimp My Gun

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It's Doom 2 all over again, hell has broken loose on Earth, but this time, you make the guns!

How will you survive the evil hordes?

Thees, ees my veapon. (Set as URL due to big dimensions, if someone reveals some BBCode dimension controls, that would help.)

Here is my gun, it's a pistol, belt-fed, has a lasersight scope, and a grenade launcher. Dirty Harry be damned.

Now your turn! Make your guns here!

So, who can make the biggest and/or most awesome(ly ridiculous) gun on the board?

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Since it's doom and its some distance into the future, my guns are very video game:

The first gun (top part) is a combination assault rifle (shoots a small caliber round for extra clip capacity), along with a larger caliber round (for greater stopping poer) and a switch to change to the 5-round .75 caliber sniper clip. Personally, I prefer carbines, the sights are easier to line up, scopes are fxxing worthless (heaven forbid you bummp you scope while slaying demons and it gets all fxxd up killing your aim). Not actually a laser sight on the gun, it's one of those little circle sights with the red dot on it to help you line up your sights better. The assault function reloads from a clip fed through the stock (extended, clip system is similar to the XM32), the pistol reloads in the foregrip clip slot, and the sniper rounds are reloaded through the large clip in the front. The bipod is for those situations where you get the jump on the enemy, and you really want to blow that Baron's brains out the back of his head. Assault rifle has single shot, three-round burst, and full-auto mode, pistol is semi-auto, sniper is semi-auto. Gas-powered.

The middle gun is my take of a plasma rifle, again, carbine form because I like them better. You'll note it's the only gun with a laser sight. My reasoning for this is fairly simple; you're shooting a super-heated ball of plasma, it's going to move faster than a bullet, and hell, it could just as well be a laser rifle, either way the round will move faster than you're able to see, so the laser sight (on the side as opposed to top, so that you're not aiming high, just slightly off to the side, could have one on each side and you'll hit between the two dots) is to make it easier to adjust for leading, and lack of ability to see the round move. The clips, being filled with (presumably) highly volatile chemicals, have a handy ring on the bottom to reduce chance of accidental exposure. It does have a scope, because it's an energy weapon, as such, it makes a really good sniper-ish weapon in that the round moves fast, hits hard, and the round (if visible) would distract so you worry less about muzzle flash and more about shooting your target in the face. I'm going to just go ahead and say it's tachyon powered, because I can, it's my gun :P

The third gun is a combination shotgun, micro-rocket launcher. The shotgun is fully-automatic a la the street sweeper (drum fed as well ^_-). The reason I say micro-rocket launcher is because I read a couple of the doom books, and it just kinda felt right when the writer described the rockets as about the size of a d-cell battery (what makes more sense? A marine carrying around 100 rockets, or 100 d-cell batteries?), so rather than seeing it as a grenade launcher, it should really be viewed more as a rocket launcher. The contraption on top is a flashlight ("... on the crazy assumption that the UAC facility on mars would have a roll of duct-tape somewhere..." - doom3 flashlight mod), the shotgun fires slugs, not shot. When you're hunting small, fast animals, you want shot, when you're hunting anything else, you want slugs. If you want AOE, just launch a micro-rocket into a cluster of demon-scum.

Personally, if I were going to fight a demonic extradimensional alien invasion, I wouldn't want to have to run around carrying a pistol, two shotguns, a chaingun, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, bfg, and a chainsaw, which doesn't even mention the ammunition. Not to mention the guns are all carbines, giving you slightly better manipulation of the weapon (melee bitches ^_^), reduces total weight carried, which means you can carry more ammo and armor and medkits.

I think I really like this little flash app >.>

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im not very knolwdgeable about guns, so dont expect mine to look too realistic...

its a kinda rapid-fire laser weapon. sorta like a railgun and chaingun put together.

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