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XTHEATER Demo level showing single textures over 256 tall

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XTHEATER, the demo level I discussed earlier showing how to use tall textures (256 to 2048 tall) without getting lines in a level - is posted at www.sbsoftware.com (all created using DeePsea of course)

Mystic's beautiful ladies are the stars. Please don't post this level anywhere else. Read the text file to see why.

This will run pretty slow on anything less than a PII something. ZDOOM (when the version that this works with gets released) cranks. There is no reject for now - average # of enemies. Make one if you think it matters Some ports are just very slow.

These are the ports that work (latest versions):
BOOM, PRBOOM (doesn't look very good at 320x200 though)
EDGE (looks nice - doors are not EDGE's problem - I just made the level generic and not use any specific port feature)

ZDOOM works but Randy hasn't released the version I tested it on. Looks and plays the best on the new "to be" ZDOOM by a long shot.

LEGACY does NOT work regards displaying the tall textures properly.

JDOOM thinks anything over 64k is too big a patch (old DOOM code?)

VAVOOM I can't get going.

Anything else I didn't try.

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Nice job, Jack. Do you mind if some of those tasty textures end up in another wad sometime? I was trying to look at all of the patches using Deep 11.2+ and apparently could not see them all...all of the girl ones that is. Should they all be visible in that tool?

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Fine, but why didn't you create a color palette with skin hues, to BOTH show off how cool big textures can look (when they fit to the palette) AND demonstrate the new palette hacking tool? :P

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Thanks Biffy. As I've mentioned before, anyone who registered within the last 6 months gets a free upgrade. Just email me. There is a "safety" check to verify the validity of a patch. That's why some of the patches don't show up in older versions. When I discovered how to make all this stuff show up, I expanded the range. Hopefully, in the future, we can make patches 1024 tall as I explained how to do via code change in the ZDOOM forum (I've tested it already).

I noticed a few more "mistakes" I'm fixing, plus minor detail additions. Will upload a revision of XTHEATER this weekend. Similarly, there was a mistake on HEXEN flags that Nigel asked me to make a change on, but I forgot why I did it the way I did in the 1st place. IOW I broke USE settings. I tried to blame Nigel as much as I could, but he wouldn't let me:)

Anyone is welcome to use any of the textures. They are not all mine anyway. The only ones I can say for certain ones I made are the Egyptian ones, the ladies and anything starting with "deep" (old stuff I made a long time ago). Text file lists sources.

It's pretty simple to use just about any graphics anyway. One of the reasons to make the level was to test all the changes in the graphics tools in DeePsea. As I ran into an awkward area, I changed the code to make it easier. Fredrik (I think) complained about that some time back. As it turned out, the palette tool generated a code model that I could use with all the other tools too. Pretty exciting changes in that area.

All the Egyptian stuff came from web pages with photos. I clipped areas out of the scene using PSP. Sometimes I had to fiddle with the color reductions BEFORE I matched to the palette. Skin tones are particularly sensitive to this because the male eye is to so tuned to naked female skin:)

The PLAYPAL and COLORMAP are for future use in playing around - or for anyone else to tinker with. This is primarily a demo level, although I had a lot of fun making it. My original cuties (BABE1, BABE2 and so on), were knockouts I made some time back - extremely good color matching .. I was testing that stuff at the time .. too bad I chickened out on keeping them.

Modding a PLAYPAL is mainly used if you change ALL the textures, etc and use the modified palette on the conversion work. It can get looking weird pretty quick otherwise. With more time it makes sense to do.

I only modified the COLORMAP for BOOM type engines in some areas (e.g, grayscale is applied instead of the "haze"). ZDOOM only uses the distance COLORMAP entries, but not the ones specific to pickups, inv, etc. Fun to play with anyway.

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