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Wheels of Time .wav pack.

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Ok. So a little while ago I downloaded a "Wheels of time" soundpack from one of the Doom Forums (I'm pretty sure it was here , but don't totally quote me on that.)

And just recently I pulled it out to go through the sounds, and I would like to use some of them for my project. But i discovered there is no readme file included in the original zip.

Now this is not a problem, but I would like to credit the appropriate people who did the work to make the soundpack, and as well I need to find out if there are any required permissions to actually use the sounds etc etc.

So if you have any information regarding this pack (or if you did the work yourself) could you please post here.

Thanks. :)

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Legend Entertainment, as they've made the original game the pack was shamelessly ripped from (which anyone with a legal copy of the game can do themselves by using UnrealED that ships with it).

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Thanks leileilol. :)

So you are basically saying that I can't use the sounds legitimately? I want to try my best to stick to resources that I can use without ripping off anyone else's work/intellectual property etc etc.

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