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The new Problem with Camera

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Hi, I'm again.

I found and heared of a thing "camera" on category "Zdoom".
How I can using this?
I working with DoomBuilder1, Skulltag/ZDoom (Doom Format).
Tutorials or simple explanations?

Thanks in advance.

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you have to be in zdooom (doom in Hexen format) to use this.

and you can use the camera action via a lindef action(#237) and a camera thing (thing type 9025).
then set the thing tag on the camera thing to any number you like then in the first box in the camera action put the same thing tag in there. then set the action to repeatible and set the way to active it to when player presses use
and you got yourself a nice "security" camera.

you can also make it move from right to left (always) by messing around with the other arguments in the camera action.

and look here if you got anymore zdoom related questions


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