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Might and magic TC discussion

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Continuing my discussion with antroid in the pics thread (which now has about 2 half pages of random ramblings leading into might and magic) I'd think the emerald isle tutorial would be a great test to see if it's possible to make it in gzdoom. It's small and not connected to the larger world at all, and can still use most of the resources. It would also be a good way to get up to speed on GZdoom features. I'm still working on my episode and I'd rather finish it before I start on something else but I'd like to try something might and magicky sometime.

This isn't in wad & mods because we're just talking about it, I'm not up to doing anything for it yet. If a mod would like to split some of our convos about MM* into here just so others get continuity it'd be fine. Otherwise the convos are about page 38-40 in the doom pics thread.

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