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New special wad

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I worked on a big wad with some realistic elements from earth and sciene-fiction.
The tile: "Brennende Welten" (a german title, translated: "Burning Worlds")
The game structure based on doom2.wad, so original monsters and weapons are present, but:
New monsters (10 types added) are already done.
New Weapons are in building (2 weapons added).
And new wads 1-3 done of 20.
The level names are german (english):
1: UAC-Empfangsstation (UAC-Reception Station)
2: UAC-Zug (UAC-Train)
3: Germania (-> a ex-planned nazi-city; name for Berlin)
4: U.S.S. Hawaii (-> a modern battleship)
5: Raumschiff "Acheron" (Starship "Acheron")
6: Tagebau-Station (Heavy Mining Station)
7: Antike Rom (Antic Rome)

This seven maps are already started, the rest waiting...
Now, I interesting what you think. Ideas and questions are also good.

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