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Starke Von Oben

Hexen style Hub Levels?

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It is defined in the mapinfo lump. Scroll down, it's the last setting to be discussed:

Indicates that this cluster is a hub. When leaving a hub, the game will remember the contents of the level when the player left it and restore the level to that state when the player returns to it. Moving to a different cluster will cause the game to forget the state of the levels in this hub in order to save memory. Each level a player visits in a hub uses memory (about 20k for a typical level), so it's probably a good idea not to have too many levels in a single hub. Just how many is "too many" is arbitrary. Unless you use very large levels, you could probably use 50 levels in a hub, and only about 1 meg would be required to keep track of the state of each level."

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Starke Von Oben said:

Is there an example level I can also look at?

If you haven't yet found an example - here's the MAPINFO from ReX's The Darkest Hour.

map map01 "Imperial Moon Base: Thal Vaishet"
sky1 sky2 0.0
music D_ROMER2
cluster 1

map map02 "Imperial Space Station Alpha Centauri"
sky1 sky1 0.0
music D_STALKS
cluster 1

map map03 "Quatto's Palace"
sky1 sky4 0.0
music D_AMPIE
cluster 1

map map04 "Mos Denra Space Port"
sky1 sky4 0.0
music D_STLKS2
cluster 1

map map05 "A Test of Mettle"
sky1 sky2 0.0
music D_STLKS3
cluster 1

map map06 "The Aqueducts on Nagin Prime"
sky1 sky3 0.0
music D_DOOM2
cluster 1

map map07 "Imperial Cybernetics: Nagin Prime"
sky1 sky3 0.0
music D_DDTBLU
cluster 1

clusterdef 1
"Although I was the main author of The Darkest
Hour, I used the work of several other people in
its creation. Nigel Rowand, Csabo, Neil Bowman,
John Wriston, Garrett Granger, Jared-Michael
Stein, Rich 'Weeds' Nagel, Stian Skjondal, Chris
Pisarczyk, Greg Zapf, Jonathan Daughtrey, Chris
Hopkins, Randy Heit, id Software, LucasArts, and
3DRealms all contributed in their own way. Read
the text file for details. 

Visit darkesthour.doomcenter.com and send your
comments to ReX: gurkha_boy@yahoo.com"

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This looks sweet. The editors I use are Doom Builder and SLumpEd, so I assume you'd configure the maps with Doom in Hexen format and define the MAPINFO scripts in SLumpEd like the example above?

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How do I get maps into my wad?

I've made two example maps, double clicked them into XWE. The name of the wad is "hubexample.wad". I load up the wad with doombuilder and it doesn't detect that there are two maps, and displays nothing.

Where am i going wrong?

The only solution I can think of is to use wintex and merge the levels in with the graphics wad i'm making. But i'd like to know how to do that with xwe.

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Merging wads in XWE <verbose version>...

  • Create a backup copy of your graphics wad in case something goes wrong
  • Open the wad in XWE and select where you want the merged wad to appear in the lump directory (directly below whichever lump you highlight)
  • Select Merge from the File menu, locate your map wad and hit Open
  • Close and re-open the wad (XWE usually fails to identify lump types in freshly merged wads)
  • If something's not where you intended it to be - highlight and move it
If DoomBuilder can find both maps and textures we can consider the operation a success.

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You didn't study my example hard enough. ;)

You'll notice that the player start spots that you get taken to in my maps by leaving the previous map all have their first argument set to something (in this particular case, 1 or 2). The exit line from the previous map should have an argument that matches this. Your map01 has the argument set on the exit line, but the player start spot on map02 has no argument so when Zdoom goes to map02, it can't find the player start.

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I dunno if this is the same thing Enjay is saying but you can set the Position argument on your line to 0 (make sure it actually changed when you close the Properties window, I had some trouble with it).

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Yes, that's pretty much the same thing. It's just that, personally, I like to have any P1 starts that you have been sent to by another map in a hub to have a non-zero argument and I place another P1 start in the map with no arguments that is used when -warping to the map etc. I know it's not essential to do that but it helps me keep things straight in my head.

Given that Starke Von Oben had obviously missed the line arg/P1 arg relationship, I thought it was worth explaining it.

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