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The Self Portrait and Personal Photograph Thread

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I am sure that many members on doomworld have often wonder what their fellow user actually looked liked in real life. I might as well start this thread off with a pair of photos of me.

Without my hat

With my hat.

This thread is for everyone to post a personal photograph of themselves so that other members may yet be able to behold the true form of their fellow members.

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A few months old now, but:

I know, I know. Very dashing. I'm probably going to have to cut my beautiful flowing locks soon though. Need a leg up to find a new job. :/

Oh, and a bonus of me and my girlfriend being brutal:

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Eponasoft said:
I'm not the shining example of health but I'm pretty strong; I have 15 inch biceps and a 52 inch chest. Never measured my quads but they are rather large and not from flab either. I'm six feet and weigh about 250 lbs.

Eponasoft said:

First O_o then ;_;

Now I understand why you don't need debuggers. You just bully teh codez to submission. OMGWTFH4X

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My YouTube stuff works here.
Usually my hair is in some disarray, at the least.

YouTube Search:
"georgef551 mpro110"
Nets a less-then well kept look.

"georgef551 powerwalk tip"
Was powerwalking, so my hair fell apart a bit.

Of course:

"butt nugget bulletin"
Except for 3 and 4, I make sure it looks halfway decent.

I decided to leave search criteria, so as not to "pimp" videos. Want to see me, you'll have to WORK for it (and be dissapointed after).

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If you look closely, you can see I've been stung by a bee on the neck :D

BTW: ^ That flaming stick is awsome, I'm gonna go make one right now :D

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