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The Self Portrait and Personal Photograph Thread

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Enjay said:

Heh, they still call me Ebola. :p And who are all those girls anyway? I only ever come across Ki of them.

For some reason I decided to comment most your pictures. And most of them suck so... don't hate me too much.

@Nomad: Why do you have a dead squirrel on your chin?

@Maes: Oh, this explain so much. :p

@Spork: It's cool to pose with bitches.

@Butts: Ugly bitch to pose with is better than no bitch at all eh?

@Kingkill: Emo.

@Bank: Pot is a gateway drug! D:

@Krispavera: ZOMG it's Grizzly Adams! :O

@Bashe: I bet there's a joke somewhere here about your posture and dopey expression and that shirt.

@Kirby: You do realize that it's illegal for Doomers to look normal, right?

@Patrick: Ah, I see. You're dressed as what it would have been if Neo had been found by Morpheous while he was a pimply teenager. Clever.

@Kaiser: This is actually the first time I see a photo of you that is showing what you really look like. Last one I saw you looked like something from a fighting game/movie. Like one of those big chinese guys that the hero kick in the nads.

@DoOmEr4LiFe: If looks could kill...

@r_rr: ... is a mans man even if he's a dirty furry. (at least I think he's a furry, guilty until proven innocent I say!)

@Craigs: Emo x2, Why don't you go cut something.

@Joshy: You're almost as hot as Anna Kournikova.

@Ed: WHITE POWER! (Or pink. I dunno.)

@Earthquake: Those hemorrhoids can be such a pain in the ass.

@Belial: For some reason I expected you to look more "grunt like".

@Siggi: Are you the blonde guy from "Fab five"?

@TimeOfDeath: I got a feeling the authorities are looking for you for... something.

@Snakes: Posing with your mom is NOT cool.

@Dan: Maes already said it all with his post. :p

Here's a photo of me from about a year and a half ago. I had to take it myself because no one likes me and it's kind of weird. (Probably because of the terrible lighting) But it was the best of the weird photos I took so I am using it for masturbation...


Here's a photoshop I did of me because I thought it'd be cool to be a Terminator.

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kristus said:

@Bank: Pot is a gateway drug! D:

I get stoner ever so often even though I smoke like twice a year heh.

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neubejiita said:


Me and my former pet Rooster George. This is an old pic I could not find a better one.

You should have entitled this picture "stroking my cock."

I look wildly different over the ages, and don't really have a current picture on my computer, but I'll just link some crap I already have online.

http://cb-sc.com/doomstuff/ego/00---Eat-A-Burger.jpg Old one about eating burgers.

http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/1832/eaglesnest051.jpg Me with a gun and a beard.

And this thing.

I don't really look anything like this anymore. Just have bigass mutton chops. Oh well.

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kristus said:

@Butts: Ugly bitch to pose with is better than no bitch at all eh?

That's a dude.

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This weekend (yes I have a lens hood on my head), a month or so ago, and earlier this year at the zoo

2003 when I was benching 1.5x my weight, 2004 when I went bald, and became a creepy Swedish DJ

My girlfriend and I a few years ago, more recently, and out drinking (she has the red hair).

Krispavera said:

What a beard! You are my hero.

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Super Jamie said:

We are almost all dudes. I think there's just SoulPriestess regularly repping it for the ladies these days?

That should be covered by "we have beards."

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