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Starke Von Oben

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trooper077 said:

So far this projects looking pretty damn good

Also,Congrats on the baby,what did you name him or her?

Sophie :D

Hope everyone is doing well. I am still working on this, sporadically here and there - fatherhood (and the recent hot weather) make it difficult to find an excuse to sit at a computer lol. I've not set myself any deadlines, but do definitely see this project being finished: just don't expect some 32 level megawad. I firmly believe in quality over quantity, and as this is going to be my first public release I want it to be close to perfection never the less. The new graphics, enemies and architecture are all well and good... but it's all in vain if the level design itself doesn't translate into something worth playing.

I will be looking for some experienced - don't bother otherwise - level testers for objective and inspiring criticism. I don't want nit pickers, but people who understand the wider picture: people who have an authentic understanding of the theories of level design. If you are an established Doom level designer of good repute I would love to hear your views on my work, and how it can be improved. I believe that your experience and knowledge on the matter makes you most qualified to be my level tester.

PM me if you're interested.

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