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Why Doesnt This work?

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Why doesnt this code work?

actor DeathCannon : SuperShotgun replaces SuperShotgun
  Weapon.SelectionOrder 350
  Weapon.AmmoUse 6
  Weapon.AmmoGive 12
   DTHC A -1 
   DTHC A 1 A_WeaponReady
   DTHC A 1 A_Lower
   DTHC A 1 A_Raise
   DTHC A 3
   DTHC A 0 A_FireBullets (13.4, 9.2, 24, 20, "Bulletpuff")
   DTHC A 7 A_GunFlash
   DTHC B 7
   DTHC C 7 A_CheckReload
   DTHC D 7 A_OpenShotgun2
   DTHC E 7
   DTHC F 7 A_LoadShotgun2
   DTHC G 6
   DTHC H 6 A_CloseShotgun2
   DTHC A 5 A_ReFire
   Goto Ready
   DTHC I 6 bright
   DTHC J 6 bright 
I want it to shoot 6 shells, and fire 24 bullets.

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Do you mean use 6 ammo, and fire 24 pellets, or use 24 ammo, and fire 6 pellets? I can only help you if I know what you're talking about...

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Im new to the whole DECORATE thing, but how does this code work?:

A_FireBullets (x,x,x,x,x,)

That and i dont understand the whole latitude/longitude thing aswell. And is A_OpenShotgun2, A_CloseShotgun2, and A_LoadShotgun2 just a shortcut to saying A_PlaySound?

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