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Starke Von Oben

Player Class not working - HELP!

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This is what I've put in my decorate file:
actor BJ : Playerpawn

player.jumpz 16
player.viewheight 64
player.maxhealth 200


This is what I've placed in my KEYCONF lump:

//This command clears the player classes' list

//Add your player class to the list
addplayerclass BJ

//Add standard Doom player to the list, but make it accessible only vi player setup menu (i.e. hide from 'new game' choice)
addplayerclass DoomPlayer

When I load up the wad, nothing happens. It's as if I haven't even added anything. What's wrong?

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You may have stumbled across a feature that's so obscure even the programmers aren't sure how it should work. ;-)

Can't recall having seen an example outside the wiki but I'll have a play with the script, might manage to get it working.

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Yeah, playerpawn is most useful when you are trying to define a player class from scratch where most of the things you want to define are different to the existing classes. If you don't want to do that, then inherit from one of the existing classes and only change the few things that you want/need to for your mod.

Oh, I notice that you are raising the player view height. If you are doing this, you should consider also raising the Player.AttackZOffset. As well as fixing the obvious issues, it also gives you an opportunity to correct the fact that the view and the aim point start at a slightly different place compared to each other and so the crosshair isn't always bang on. Personally, I find the following values work pretty well:

Player.ViewHeight 52
Player.AttackZOffset 24

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