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Starke Von Oben

How do I setup Multiplayer on Zdoom?

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Where are the Command line parameters placed? I tried putting them in the console, but Zdoom doesn't recognize them.

Me and my brother want a game of heretic and I have to get an answer quick otherwise he'll lose interest and start watching films!

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Starke Von Oben said:

Where are the Command line parameters placed?

No too surprisingly, on the command line (as per Edward850's screenshot.)

You people these days, you don't know you are born. Back in my day, we lived at the command prompt and edited text files with edlin. ;)

Aaaanyway, anything that gives you access to the command line can be used - eg a shortcut, a launcher with a "command line parameters" box etc The important thing is that these options are added to the command line before you start Zdoom. They cannot be used during a game.

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press windows key + r

type there

for example: c:\doom\zdoom.exe -lol -whatsup

or type "cmd" and you'll get the screen above

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