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doom palette in heretic

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I never worked with different palettes than the normal ones, but now i wanted to replace the heretic palette with the doom2 palette. I tried to simply export the doom-palette with XWE and import it into a Heretic PWAD, but it looked awful and totally wrong. So how can I do it right?
What do I have to look for?

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That's a weird idea.

All the sprites, flats, patches and other graphics (except, I believe, the FINAL1 and FINAL2 pictures) are dependent on the palette. You'll need to first extract them all as PNGs, GIFs or BMPs, then change the PLAYPAL, and then reimport all the pictures. Since many colors in the Heretic palette aren't present in the Doom palette, you'll get a very strong and very visible color degradation which will make everything look ugly as hell, though it will not look glitchy.

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Gez said:

(except, I believe, the FINAL1 and FINAL2 pictures)

No, they use the normal Heretic PLAYPAL. It's the E2END graphic that uses a different palette (E2PAL).

Regarding the original question, how good a match do you think you would get manually recreating a PLAYPAL in Heretic using the nearest colour from the Doom palette in each slot? Might that be a quicker method?

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It'd be better if the engine was coded to re-translate another palette to the current on the fly on load. I wanted to do this in Quake too.

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