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Vavoom control freakout

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So this is a weird one. Vavoom was working great this morning; I played Heretic for about 2 hours while at work. However, when I tried resuming the game tonight, a few seconds into playing and the control freaked out...it was if the control was stuck in "forward" and "turn left". I figured maybe it was just some kind of weird error with the game, as it seemed to do it in the same place twice. But then I tried playing it a bit differently, and it started doing it again. I tried out my own pwad for DOOM II and once again, the controls went crazy in the same way. Any ideas?

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This is probably not it, but I often have issues in Linux games because of the screensaver kicking in and temporarily grabbing the focus. Try disabling the screensaver.

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I don't have any screensavers enabled, thankfully. :) Well, I rebooted the system and ONLY ran Vavoom when it came back up, and everything worked fine. I can only imagine Firefox3 was doing something stupid and messing things up, as that was what else was running earlier. I'll try it again later to see if I can replicate it, but I think that was what the problem was...

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