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Random Doom/Duke Nukem 3D Port Comparison

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Before I start, let me just request that you not inform me of the rediculessness of this topic; I'm already aware.

Anyway, I had a weird vision: I am a big fan of both Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. I also am one of the few people on the planet who has a love for the console ports and I came up with a comparison of which port is equal to what. I'm comparing the three major console ports of Duke Nukem 3D in the 90's with the four earliest console ports of Doom. Here is what I've got so far:

Doom Ports:

Doom (Jaguar)
Doom (32X)
Doom (SNES)
Doom (3DO)

Duke Nukem 3D Ports:

Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown (Playstation)
Duke Nukem 64 (N64)
Duke Nukem 3D (Saturn)

And the results so far:

Duke Nukem 64 = Doom (Jaguar)
Why: Both run the Smoothest, have no in-game music, and ditch the Episode Select screen.

Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown = Doom (SNES)
Why: Both have the most pc accurate levels, episode select, well-liked music, and run laggy.

Duke Nukem 3D = ???
Comment: I need some help with this. Here is the reason why I made this post in the first place. I want to know what you think is the Doom port that is more equivelant to the saturn port of Duke Nukem 3D.

Two choices left: Doom (32X) or Doom (3DO)

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leileilol said:

You must try the Duke Nukem 3D Game.com port.

Haha, I wanted a Game.com for that port. Fortunately I didn't have money.

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Doesn't really fit the criteria for the 90s, but both the Doom and Duke3D ports for the Xbox 360 are nearly perfect... >_>

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Spiderdemon6669 said:

I also am one of the few people on the planet who has a love for the console ports

Wrong :) I love the console ports just as much as the PC originals, if not more.

Duke on the Saturn would be the closest to Doom on the Saturn IMO. Both have different SFX (Duke on saturn has some cut up SFX from the PC) and some exclusive levels (Even if the one exclusive secret level on Duke 3D for Saturn was shit). Both also didn't go over that well with the critics either...


You might want to check out this page to see all of the Doom console ports and semi detailed descriptions of each.

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Actually, I knew that there were more console ports for both games, I just used process of elimination. We all know Doom had a ton of ports, I just used the four ports that didn't rely on different music and sounds to change the mood (IE: PSX and Saturn ports).

Duke nukem 3D on the Genesis and the Game.com weren't really ports; they were more like butchered quarter bloods of there former selves (Which is understandable considering the hardware).

I wanted to include the Gameboy Advance version of Doom, but I felt more like eliminating the list down to ninties games.

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Duke 3D on the Genesis isn't completely terrible, and is actually one of the few good FPS games for the system. Still, it's not really comparable to any of the console doom ports.

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I'd pick the .Com version over the Genesis. It was the main reason I bought a .Com.

More varied art, Duketalk, etc. that title screen was like whoo...trumps the Genesis version. Though I own the .Com version and have only played the Genesis version for a short time on an Emulator.

What about Duke Nukem Advance? It's not a port, but it's a damn good classic Duke style FPS and for the GBA no less.

Yeah, it lacks certain things, but I consider it the closest thing to DNF that I'll probably get to play. :P

As far as which DooM port is closest to the Saturn Duke port, I'd have to say DooM 64 because it had fancy coloured lighting and true 3D geometry just like Duke Nukem 3D for the Saturn. Most if not all the other DooM ports leave much to be desired in that regard.

I do personally love the SNES DooM port if not just for it's nostalgia and music factor.

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MikeRS said:


Man do you threadshit just to threadshit? this is about ports from the 90s. Go make a heh thread if you want to increase your postcount.

I have a game.com. It still feels like it's a half-assed attempt at a gameboy with a name designed to capitalize on "dot-com" craze. Was that even a craze in the first place?

Plus it was way too big. jesus it rivalled the gamegear in size, and it wasn't even that fun to play. The gamegear was more fun anyway. Would have loved to see some sort of "doom" port to that, but that would be near impossible. Maybe if it were really dumbed down...

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I would personally consider the Xbox 360 ports to be more of an emulation than a port, as they are pretty much spot on with originals. I'd rather play a port that has something different with it, whether it being console limitations or added material.

I have never seen the game.com port, and a search for videos on youtube brings up no videos of it. How is it gameplay wise?

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Mattfrie1 said:

I have never seen the game.com port, and a search for videos on youtube brings up no videos of it. How is it gameplay wise?

The Game.Com version is nothing spectacular to a lot of people (though I do quite like it) despite the limitations of the little system the graphics look quite nice. It has Duke talk, minimial music, pre-episode little still graphics, a really decent and cool version of the title screen animation with a minimal grabbag theme.

The gameplay is a different, but similar. You can't turn left and right you can only strafe left/right and move forward and back. You can collect keys, pistol, ammo, shotgun, and RPG, plus you have the mighty foot.

You can open doors some of which are locked and the levels actually look pretty simialar at least in regards to decorations to their PC counterparts. E1L1 Hollywood Holocaust has movie posters and stuff whereas Rabid Transit has the porn mag dispensers. :P

The enemy sprites are ripped right from the game and you have the Enforcer, Pig Cop, Octobrain, and Troopers. They look pretty damn good too and walk around throughout the level.

You can pick up health, armour, keys etc, to open doors and heal yourself with Duketalk like, "Ahhh I needed that."

Since you can't turn left/right the game presents you with these corridors after you enter a door sometimes. You'll walk forward down a hallway and it will automatically turn the corner for you and there will usually be an enemy in your way. With a door at the end.

Some levels if you don't grab the key or go through the correct door you can just keep looping through the level.

It can get repetative, but it's really a fun arcady shooter for the com and one of the best games. :P If you take into consideration the limitations of the hardware it's quite nice.

I swear though, "Damn I'm good." is said way too often. :P

Standing still it looks quite nice. ^_^

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