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Zdoom error: Can not find MAP00? WTF?

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Last night my computer got really messed up and I had to restore it, meaning that everything got deleted and it went back to like it was brandnew with all of its factory-shipped files and stuff. I just started reinstalling stuff, and I started to get to work on a wad. Well, I add some custom sprites, some new ones I never used before also, and when I try and test a map out with zdoom it says "Error: can not find MAP00"

I tried to make a new map wih no custom sprites or anything, and it still said the same thing, strange... it is in doom in hexen format btw

WTF? MAP00? What do I do?
I even tried making a MAP00 with no prevail...

Please help
This is the report:

FMOD Sound System, copyright © Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2009.
V_Init: allocate screen.
S_Init: Setting up sound.
ST_Init: Init startup screen.
P_Init: Checking cmd-line parameters...
G_ParseMapInfo: Load map definitions.
S_InitData: Load sound definitions.
Texman.Init: Init texture manager.
ParseTeamInfo: Load team definitions.
LoadActors: Load actor definitions.
R_Init: Init Doom refresh subsystem.
DecalLibrary: Load decals.
M_Init: Init miscellaneous info.
P_Init: Init Playloop state.
ParseSBarInfo: Loading default status bar definition.
ParseSBarInfo: Loading custom status bar definition.
D_CheckNetGame: Checking network game status.
player 1 of 1 (1 nodes)
Resolution: 640 x 480

Execution could not continue.

Could not find map MAP00

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I think you're meant to name the level name as map01 (that's assuming you're using Doombuilder and the Doom 2 IWAD. For Ultimate Doom, you simply name the level name as E1M1).

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Can't really help you without knowing what's in the wad you're trying to load. Do you have a MAPINFO lump, for example?

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