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DECORATE help: light source

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OK so I'm attempting to bring the Heretic chandelier into DOOM. I did not copy the original DECORATE script originally, I wrote it from scratch, but it seems that the real script was almost identical to my own. The only differences were the radius and the frame ticks.

ACTOR Chand 29998
  radius 20
  height 60
    CHDL ABC 4 bright
So...how do I make this bad boy an actual light source? I tried inheriting other light sources but had no luck doing that. Basically, the idea I have is to make the light level 0 in all sectors of the map, and have them only lit by light sources. Of course, I'm using Vavoom for this, but I guess this also works in GZDOOM? Regardless, the idea is not the main thrust of this post...I simply want to know how to make my chandelier put out actual light. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. :)

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Eponasoft said:

I tried inheriting other light sources but had no luck doing that.

Dynlight attachments are not inherited.

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Unfortunately, adding things to GLDEFS had no effect, not even in opengl mode. Normal light sources in Vavoom cast light, but even if I replicate their methods (taken directly from their basepak.pk3), I can't get lights to show up. Does anyone have a working example?

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