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Line of thought on zombies ...

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I've always assumed the humans in doom are "possessed" and they are normal, living humans that have just gone insane or their minds are possessed by evil forces or whatever. So they chew up dead bodies, vomit all over their uniform and then attack the doomguy with all of their unholy rage.

They just move and shoot like they might as well be zombies.

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The DOOM zombies, and various other monsters, are akin to the zombies, skeletons and monstrous undead in the Evil Dead series, which were likewise possessed or formed by demonic forces. Look at the baron of hell, for example, that has cadaverous aspects in its face and apparently peeled skin.

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myk said:

Look at the baron of hell, for example, that has cadaverous aspects in its face and apparently peeled skin.


If any monster in Doom looks fit, healthy and vigorous that's without doubt the Baron, how could it ever be emaciated and cadaverous?

Now that you mention it though, the ones on the box cover have sort of wrinkled faces (but IMO that's because they based their faces on some sort of shaved baboon / hyena)...

...however yeah, in the in-game sprites there's something weird about them, like them having a sort of snake-like stretchable double jaw or even lacking a lower jaw entirely. But then again that could just be the low resolution playing tricks with everyone's imagination.

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A while back, I actually came up with a zombie theory that didn't require magic but did involve advanced technology. It was basically a thought experiment to see if there was a way for classic zombies to exist in the real world. My idea was built around nanobots - nanites infect the victim's brain and short-circuit it. They require flesh to reproduce, thus inducing cannibalism in their victims, and they're capable of replacing nerves, muscles, and tendons, allowing a zombie to function despite great decomposition. I even came up with a plausible explanation for their creation - they were originally designed to cure terminal diseases, but no one counted on them rewiring the brain.

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