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New Doom map in editor shot.

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I kinda like it. It's a little too compartmentalized tho. Try to synthesize the different parts in a more 'organic' way so they don't come off so separate from each other. Upon further examination, I suppose that's not really a good suggestion. It actually looks a lot like how I make maps--like something I might have made. :p It kind of looks to me like it could be an early map of Doom 1 episode 1, maybe somewhere between e1m1 and e1m2 or e1m2 and e1m3.

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Erik said:

The detail/architecture is too detached from the walls imo.

Yeah, I agree with you. I see a lot of the structures in the rooms themselves, but the walls are just flat and uninteresting.

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Hey I actually really enjoyed that. The areas were nice and open, and it really captured that Doom 1 look if you ask me. The only thing: Was there an exit? I couldn't find it.

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If you want this to work in Doom and Chocolate Doom without making people use DeuSF or the -merge command, you need to name the ending flat marker F_END, not FF_END.

I like the open spacing you're using, but you'll have to think of a good way to make the action interesting. Some sort of slaughter-fest might work for UV, while keeping a lower monster count for the lower difficulties. Those imps on elevations or ledges, for example, can't make up the main opposition. They can be a distraction for the player while he's fighting monsters in the main areas, but otherwise they are easy to dispatch or ignore.

This sort of architecture may work better with the DOOM II monsters than in DOOM, because the DOOM monsters alone don't have aggressive enough attacks for such open areas.

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I am using xwadtools, so I re-used an old build dir from a prboom proj, so I did not realise that. I will edit and rebuild the resources and it will work. Thanks for that I did not realise why I had to use -merge. I wonder if I could use a thing where the monsters come out of the walls like at the end of E1M6, central processing where you go into the niche and press the switch and the computer walls open up and heaps of Imps, Sargeants and Demons come out. But I will work something good out that will work with the limited ultimate doom bestiary.

Here is the files.lst from my build dir, this is corrected.

[ $ ]-> cat files.lst
D_E1M1 d_theda3.mus
STBAR stbar.raw
STARMS starms.raw
-label F_START
FLAT1 flat1.raw
FWATER1 fwater1.raw
FWATER2 fwater2.raw
FWATER3 fwater3.raw
FWATER4 fwater4.raw
NUKAGE1 nukage1.raw
NUKAGE2 nukage2.raw
NUKAGE3 nukage3.raw
LAVA1 lava1.raw
LAVA2 lava2.raw
LAVA3 lava3.raw
LAVA4 lava4.raw
-label F_END

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