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ZDoom ambeint sounds.

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I'm having trouble with ambeint sounds in ZDoom. I can easily make the lumps and write the code etc., but what i don't get is this(from the ZDoom site):

"The ambient sound it defines (1-64). ZDoom supports up to 64 ambient sounds, and this number is used to indicate which of those 64 this command is describing. To use this ambient sound in a map, add 14000 to this number, and use that as the type of the thing in your level editor. (Refer to your level editor's documentation if you don't now how to use things that aren't in the original Doom.) For instance, if this number is 1, then use a map thing of 14001 anywhere you want this sound to be used."

I don't get the "To use this ambient sound in a map, add 14000 to this number, and use that as the type of the thing in your level editor." bit most of all.


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Every 'thing' in Doom has a unique number. E.g. Thing #1: Player 1 start. Thing #3001: Imp, etc. What it means is: Thing #14001 is Ambient Sound 1.

Putting these things on the map depends on which editor you use. If you use WadAuthor, just right click on the map, select "New Thing", for class select "Sounds" and for type select "Ambient Sound #nnn" where nnn is 1-64.

If you use a lame-ass editor like my XWE, where you have to add things by their number, then you would actually type "14001" etc. But most decent editors have a thing list, so adding them should be easy.

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Edit: I swear "Loser" hadn't posted when I started typing this. Anyway...

It's actually pretty straight forward:

If you have defined a sound say:

$AMBIENT 1 ALARM POINT periodic 10.0 1.0

(from my SNDINFO)

then this is sound #1. If you want to add it to a map you do so by adding a thing number 14001 to your map.

This can continue with sounds 1-64 (thing edit number 14001-14064).

But you can add more than just 64 ambient sounds.

If you define ambient sounds above 64 (I currently have 173 ambient sounds defined) you can place them in a map by adding a thing type 14065 and setting its first argument to be the same as the sound number. This works for all sounds, even the ones with values less than 65 (IIRC).

This has to be done in ZdoomHexen mode as it involves setting the thing 14065's first argument which is not possible in non hexen style enhanced maps.

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So it took you exactly 30 minutes to write your message? ;P

I know seems unlikely doesn't it.

Maybe I was just hallucinating. :-)

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