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Unable to create a map

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Hello! I don't really come here much. I need some help with DB2.

I used to have an XP until I had a really terrible hard drive crash (I think) and had to switch to a Vista. It's a horrific computer that's hard to use and messes up all my stuff I like. Naturally, some of this stuff is DooM based.

Whenever I try to use DooM Builder to make a map, when I click on the button and set up my things (HSD.wad as a resorce, ZDooM: DooM in Hexen format) and then click the button this error comes up:

Please help me! I have gone and set it up so it operates under XP Service Pack 2 and is run as an administrator.

If you can't see the image, it says 'Unable to run beyond end of stream.' If you guys want the v Details part I can get it for you. If you want me to upload HSD.wad (Which currently has no maps and is just an edit of Chex Quest so far) I can but it's not required... I hope.

Also, I did not just register to make this post. I've been previously registered under a different email (tapika@msn.com, I think) and lurking for a while.

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You're not being ignored - just forgotten. :)

Based on my limited understanding of the error code - it looks like DB2's expecting to find something that isn't there. Does the error go away when you remove HSD.WAD from the list of resources?

Have you checked the bug reports in this forum?

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Link the .wads you're loading.

The error message could imply that the wad directory is broken or something like that.

Of course DB should handle such errors more gracefully, but the .wads are still needed to make sure what the error might be.

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Ah, okay. =)
I could try it with my copy of CQ. I'll get back to you on that.
I looked. Doesn't seem like anything I'm falling victim to.

Okay, here you go. It's Sendspace because it expires after a period of time and I don't want people to take my work.
Broken? I hope not.

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Had no trouble re-creating the error in XP-Pro, your Texture lumps are the troublemakers - they only contain two entries. Deleting and rebuilding the Patchnames and Texture lumps in XWE fixed the problem, doing a Clean up to remove redundant content trimmed the wad to 2.6MB.

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Can do. Check your PM's.

Some kindly moderator will in due course either amalgamate the threads or kill this one.

EDIT - Note for CodeImp. A TEXTURE2 lump with no entries appears to have caused this error.

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