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Blasphemer 0.1.2 Released! Contributions Desired.

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A new update to Blasphemer is available. Changes:

+ Added BLASPHEM lump for potential wad recognition feature in ports.
+ Activated episodes 4 and 5.
+ Deathmatch map for E4M1.
+ Partial timebomb graphic.
+ Graphics for Frostfang, Plaguewielder and Blood Sceptre impacts.
+ Graphics for water splash.
+ More sound effects for projectiles.
* Tweaked E2 sky a little.

As always, get it here: http://www.jeshimoth.com/jutegyte/blasphemer/

We've been discussing having an episode of multiplayer maps, and would appreciate any MP map contributions, as well as SP maps and sprites.

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A set of multiplayer maps sounds pretty interesting. I really want to contribute a map to this at some point, and a multiplayer map would probably be the best choice for me to make since I can do them pretty quickly. Though I'm still not sure when I'd have the time, heh.

Anyways, keep up the great work guys! It's looking very cool :]

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