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Binds to Heretic Artifacts in Zdoom

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Sorry if this been talked about before. I made a quick search and made no hits so I figured I'd just dive right in.

Anyway. I was wondering. Is it possible to write binds scripts for Zdoom where you bind the use of an Heretic/Hexen artifact to the press of a key?

Like. I bind Quartz flask to M, and when I hit M it'll work a a hotlink to use one of my quartz flasks. Instead of that I use the inventory keys to go to the quartz flask and select it and then use it.

Doomsday got this in the control settings. But Zdoom doesn't. And I was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me, is it possible to do that?

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Sure it can be done. Do you need it as a setup option in a WAD or just for playing?

If it's the first, check the ZDoom Wiki for KEYCONF.

If you just want to bind a key to using an item, open the console and type 'bind m "use itemname_you_want_to_use". This will be saved in the config.

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Well, it was just for the latter. But considering that I might put it into my Heretic wad. Anyway, thanks. :)

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bind m "use artihealth"

In fact there are several such binds set by default for Heretic and Hexen (e.g., backspace is bound to "use artitomeofpower").

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