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Baron of Destruction

Good Custom Decoration .Wads for Doom 2?

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Hey, does anyone know where i can find some good custom decoration .wads for Doom 2, for a custom map im making?
im looking for some plants and outdoor decorations, for an outdoor portion of one of my maps.
Anyone know of a good site that has some good custom decorations?

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The best source of material like that would be various partial and total conversions in the archive - start by searching the combos, graphics and themes directories. Someone else might be kind enough to suggest specific wads.

BTW - there's no need to start two threads with the same question.

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I know a couple of good wads. Probably the best would probably be action doom. You would need Scuba Steve's approval, but that has the best collection of outside props and textures. A close second would be Chex Quest 3. The sprites would need pallate converting, but they would look nice when done.

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