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Baron of Destruction

custom weapons in db2?

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How can i add some custom weapons to my map in DB2? I have the wads and i can add them to the map in the configurations, but i dont have the item id's! how can i get these weapons on my map??

all help is appreciated! :) thanks

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where exactly would i find the .txt file?
ive looked in the zip files theye came with, and all there is is the wad its self.
using xwe however, under lumps, unlike custom monsters ive downloaded where the thing id is veiwable, the weapons have no thing id listed, that i can find anyway.

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im using downloaded custom weapon wads from realm667.com
and i checked the decorate lump, they dont have thing id's. i have no idea why!
is there any other way to get these wads on my map, without the thing id in the decorate lump?
there has to be another way to find it, no?

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I am brand new to this. Working on first map, but I believe I found the answer to your solution. I was having similar issues with weapons downloaded from realm667. The weapons were nowhere to be found in any of the categories in Doom Builder 2. I could load the resource .wad directly and still, nothing.

Note/ I'm running in ZDoom (Doom in UDMF Format)

*I found out that if I used the cheat "idkfa" I would then have the weapon in my inventory. So it will work somehow.

Here's the breakdown. In order to place a 'Thing' in Doom Builder 2 it needs to have a numerical ID. The problem is that realm667 weapons do not have an ID. The fix is VERY simple.

First, you need to edit the <weapon name>.wad (I use XWE). So, open the .wad in XWE and look for the 'DECORATE' lump on the left. There should be a line of script (usually the first, idk if it has to be...) in the window that looks like: ACTOR <weapon name> : Weapon

Here is the really easy part. After "Weapon" there needs to be a number to identify it. I think that it is typical to leave it blank so that users can enter whatever they want and it won't conflict with anything that way.

So, simply click after "Weapon" and press [space] then enter a number. For example, if you downloaded the DoubleBladedChainsaw.wad, the line would look like:

Actor DoubleBladedChainsaw : Weapon 20024

The "20024" is a made up number. Now it is this weapon's ID.

Save the changes and load this newly edited .wad into the resources in Doom Builder 2. When inserting a 'Thing' it should be under its own category 'DECORATE'.

Enjoy! This was causing me headaches too, and there really isn't an answer on google, so I just started observing the weapon script and comparing it with known scripts! Hope this helps!

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