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New Zombie Invasion mod

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Ok, this is still a work in progress, I plan to eventually have at least 10 (complete) maps in the wad, with 3-4 of them being made by me, and the rest made by a friend.
Map01 is nearly finished, I just have to work on the final "zone". The weapons are mostly all custom: I replaced the chaingun with a minigun that holds 1800 rounds, the rocket launcher with a throwable, shootable propane tank, and made the shotguns shoot a bit slower to make it a bit more challenging. Plasma is replaced with a 3-burst assault rifle that shoots "tracers", and the BFG fires much more slowly and uses up 250 bullets per shot. Oh, and the chainsaw does 3x damage :D
Thanks to EarthQuake for these zombie skins and advice on details.

So the main thing I have yet to do is finish detailing map01 and writing the scripts for the rest of the zones. Map02 is not really playable, i still have to make all of the slopes and stuff. You can glance at it for the general idea though.

I've completed all the weapons sounds+sprites and compiled them along with the monsters in their own separate wad:
And the linked invasion wad:
You must load both at the same time. They will WORK separately, but it's basically pointless.

The only weapon issue is with the tank. For some strange reason when played online, when the tank is thrown, 2 sprites are actually leaving your "hand". One of them explodes when shot, the other just stays behind and can't be destroyed. This strange effect only happens online.

A finished map01 and map02 should be coming out pretty soon.
Wad was designed to work with Zdaemon.

Comments, ideas, suggestions?

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