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RUINS.wad Version 2

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I recently built a new wad called RUINS. I would like the Doom communities help on improving it before I attempt to submit it to the archives. This is a ZDoom wad that uses many of ZDoom's features such as deep water, slopes, and other features to improve the enviroment and game play. It consists of 6 decently sized maps and a deathmatch map, and also has new graphics, sounds, and sprites. Remember I'm still new to mapping.

I recently took most of the comments I've recieved and modifyed the wad to fit those requests such as:

Level 6 is no longer a boss battle, just a map with a lot of strong monsters and an exit. (It's video game tradition to make the last level challenging.)

I have used a wider variety of textures so that the floor/ceiling/walls no longer all have the same tex. (unless I like it the way it is.)

Slightly more detail I have added things to detail the levels slightly in spots I figure people find bland.

Graphics are greatly improved. After reading the uninspiring review of CASTLE I updated the stat bar to look better.





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Nothing very impressive... Overall it felt kinda bland. Sorry. :/

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Gameplay was kinda fun, although the one map that started in the marble room with chaingunners and stuff coming out was annoying. Had some decent monster placement until the final map, with it's '1 room 1 enemy type' stuff, except for the ending. That was pretty good too, a little overboard on the invuln spheres but going against the spidermastermind with no cover is suicide anyway. I think infighting could probably win most of that battle without the invuln spheres, especially with a nice big water sector to jump into when things get too hot. It's difficult to arrange large groups of demons without some infighting though, so sticking to 2-3 types is easiest.

Detailing and general looks of the maps felt most lacking. Detail isn't absolutely necessary to make a map look nice, nor zdoom effects, or new sprites/sounds (although music adds so much); it's more of a blend of everything that makes the map the way it is. That said the architecture was pretty bland, and could use some more border texture usage. Other things like this ceiling being equal to the sky in the gauntlet map could use some seconds looks.

Keep mapping, you're improving and you'll eventually get some 'looks good' comments ;)

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While it's good to see you're learning to use advanced port features - don't overlook the basics.

  • Upper unpeg above doors and windows
  • Lower unpeg below windows
  • Stairway textures should be offset vertically as well as horizontally
  • Align door/window frame textures to the surrounding walls
  • Having the same texture on walls, floors and ceilings is usually not a good idea
The friendly marines were a nice touch, I let them take point as much as possible - didn't know they were prone to infighting.

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GreyGhost said:

The friendly marines were a nice touch, I let them take point as much as possible - didn't know they were prone to infighting.

From what I know they don't infight, they let a freindly marine shoot the crap out of them and don't care, unless a archville brings oneback to life then they fight you and other marines.

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