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Workin' on an episode, looking for some feedback on Map01 + Question

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So... making a new episode called "Into Hell." The concept is basically that you're sent to an underground base to find the entire team missing. What's more, hell's forces have taken over and start corrupting the damn base with their good ol' fashioned sense of style.

In other words, each level gets more hellish than the last. This is also why there's hellish imagery mixed with the typical tech-base style. Looking for some feedback, and if you like enough, a playtester or two?

Also, is the beastiary at realm667 open game (so long as I give proper credit)? I used a monster from it, but I wasn't sure.

EDIT: Oh, and that music is only temporary. I have no idea what to do with it. Suggestions?

Map01 is done, here's the link to the zip.


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It doesn't work with boom because boom doesn't support DECORATE, zdoom does. I didn't really think those chaingunner replacements added much more than being slightly tougher so if you want to make it boom compat you could remove those. And yea realm667 is free range with credits, that's its main purpose as far as I can see.

So, actually talking about the map now, I liked it, would make a decent MAP01, although using all 3 keys might make it longer than needed, since you only need the blue key to get the red key and there's nothing new to see between getting the blue key and the red. The gameplay was nice and fast-paced, enough danger on UV if you're going fast and careless like most MAP01s. I especially liked the tribute to HR, it's something I'd like to put in one of my maps sometime. Detailing looked good, but a few minor things kept it from solid;

  • The cage here HoMs at the top
  • Adding a simple support of some kind (I use SUPPORT3 religeously, but you're using gothictx and there're some less vanilla ones in there ;) to this bit would make it more comfy
  • This key platform could use some base to it instead of going all the way down, say 16 or 32 units high.
The concept for your episode sounds good, I hope you have fun making it ;)

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Thanks for the advice. Perhaps I'll just get rid of the blue key and make the red accessible with the yellow switch. That actually does make a lot more sense.

Also, I ran through it again, and it doesn't give me the HOM effect at the cage. Would you have any idea what's causing that?

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I'm not sure exactly what effect it's called, but it's the one that makes things look right with mouselook vs. a kind of bubble effect that looks reeeeally weird. Anyway I think this effect is why you see it fine and I see HoM, but to make it harder to notice just make the cage sector 1 unit wide vs. the 8 or 16 it's at now.

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