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My first released map!

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Well I've finally got a map together that's both finished and not complete bullshit. (it's still got some bullshit just not all of it)

It's short and shouldn't be very tough. There are two new DECORATE monsters off of realm667.

Keep in mind it's the first map I've actually bothered to finish, so without furthur adue http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=2d83d4663b541844312dbd5f2bdc5062e04e75f6e8ebb871

(Flame shield up)

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Awesome. Firstmaps for the win!

Can you post some screenshots? Unfortunately I can't download this now, but I will when I get the chance.

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Pretty good/fun especially for a first-time-finished map. I like fighting new monsters (never seen 2 of them in a doom2 map before.. I think the end boss was dukenukem if I remember?). It is a pretty short map. I like the fast lava damage and organic architecture.
I think for the lift to the bfg, you can trigger it, fall off, then not be able to go back up again.
Also, for the rocket launcher column (if I remember), you can jump towards it in a way that you're stuck between it and the side railing or something unless you jump out (maybe the column is too close to the side).

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I tried it in skulltag, but my version doesn't like current DECORATE code for some reason -.- Played it in gzdoom, and got a big list of problems with lumps, are you working with xwe or slumped or something else to put the DECORATE in? I only know xwe, and that kinda basically. If someone else could look at his wad and tell him what's wrong it'd be nice.

On to the map itself, it's okay, got a lot of the first map problems, but if you learn what those are and block em out for your next map you'll do fine. Specific problems like getting stuck on architecture and at one point getting stuck behind the white pillar the chaingunner is on are probably the worst, little detailing problems like making sure stuff aligns alright (good use of lower unpegged helps a lot here) could use some fixing too. There's also a point by arch-vile where you have some ash-rock ceiling instead of sky. Also the final boss fight is too cramped, there is no cover (if you need any since you can bfg spam the moloch to death in only 5-6 shots) and when he did die, I was halfway across the room from him and died from his explosive self-destruct (I never fought the monster before now -.-).

Gameplay was generally decent, I thought there were too many hitscanners on the the high platform in the first cave, but I try to limit myself to the original vertical limits even with mouselook. The arch-vile in the next bit doesn't have enough room to maneuver, nor did I, especially with lava that seemed to damage me 2x as fast and a way out that took 4-5 seconds to get back to. The next part should have a medkit or two lying around, I got down to about 18 health left with both barons with wings alive but was lucky and killed them before they hit me again (lava really hurt =/). Like I said the moloch fight was rather meh, in the right arena I could see him working out great, but there wasn't really much to this fight.

In short, some interesting stuff pops out, and I like that you used some realm667 monsters, vanilla doom gets boring sometimes, but it takes time to learn how to make them blend solidly (I don't work with zdoom or DECORATE much yet either ...). For example the barons with wings work decently as mini-bosses, but you need to treat them as mini-bosses, put a little health and ammo in ;)

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