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New/Old zdoom project.

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This is an old 2005 or so map set I made with the cooperation of the Doomworld forums to make a map that people liked. And it was successful, but then it got lost on my geocities page when I moved on to tripod, and I forgot about it until now since geocities are closing I logged in and was downloading like mad to clean out my files to mak sure I do not lose them and here it is! I thought it was lost. It was linked on the page as gate.zip but it was evil.zip :(.

Oh well here it is now.

Map 32 is sweet. Only MAP01 needs Zdoom.

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Wow that was actually really good. The outdoor areas were nice and open with lots of baddies, and I loved the look of the map. It wasn't crammed with sectors for finite detail, but the textures were aligned pretty well and everything looked smooth and clean. I honestly think that's the best kind of detail.

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