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Mr. Freeze

Doomworld Chronicles Part 1

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Diary of Nathan Lawrence AKA Jackknife.


Got myself a diary today. If anyone else is reading this, I’m the guy you found it on. The name is Nathan Lawrence. I’d be pleased to meet you, but I’m probably dead.

I bought this diary because I need to organize my thoughts. A few days ago, the shit has hit the fan over here.

Doomworld has come under attack. Two days ago, I woke up to the sound of screeching and explosions. Grieferbots had come for Doomworld, and they had a fair amount of numbers. The only thing that kept them from overrunning the place is the presence of firearms on the site. We fended them off, but we don’t know if more will come. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Here’s the funny part: the Grieferbots were all modeled after DooM monsters. Isn’t that fucked up? I saw former humans, sergeants, chaingunners, a few hell knights, even cacodemons. Fighting those things off was a little surreal. We have no living idea who is behind this, but they sure have a strange sense of humor.

After our surprise, the bad news came yesterday. We found out through email that DoomNation and New Doom both reported being attacked around the same time. New Doom can hold off a small army, but DoomNation I’m not so sure about. Linguica, Bloodshedder and Cyb are discussing what to do, and us Users are getting their hands on weapons. We’ve all used guns before for reenactments and target shooting, but the time has come to seriously train on them. I just hope that we’ll have the skill to use them properly. No way am I going to get my head blown off because some moron doesn’t know trigger discipline.

The time is 6:30 PM. I am currently playing Skulltag and writing this diary during the intermission screens.

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Early this morning, our weapons and ammo arrived. Since I need to get used to handguns before I tackle anything else, I am now the proud owner of a Beretta M9. A lot of the other guys got the same model, mostly for its use in DooM. Plus, everyone owning the same gun allows for the closest thing to real-life videogaming: someone dies, pick up their ammo. A little twisted, but we go with what works.

The problem is learning how to fire these things. The trigger pull on mine is very substantial, and the noise can surprise you if you’ve only grown up on videogames and movies. A few guys actually dropped their guns by accident the first time firing. Thankfully, a few of the more gun-literate Users are going to give us lessons on firing and maintaining firearms. Some of the military members have even offered to teach us how to fight. I say bring it on: we need all the help we can get.

The funny thing is, one week ago we were all talking about videogaming and Doom WADs. We still are happy to do so, but now there is a palpable tension in the air. We could be attacked at any second and be wiped out overnight. To make matters worse, DoomNation reported more attacks yesterday and earlier today. Whoever is behind this seems to have a lot of resources, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he came after us again. Hell, I’m practically expecting it.
In the real world, coming under attack might steer you away from violent videogames for a while. Not here. We still all talk about DooM, we still make WADs, and we still have fun blasting each other on Skulltag and ZDaemon. Granted, we don’t discuss DooM 24/7, but we are a gaming community. Some of the guys will play a Call of Duty game and then train on their handguns an hour later with no problem. I guess when you have Regen Rooms and Memory-Wiping, death isn’t even considered serious anymore.

The time is 9: 49 PM. I’m hitting the hay.

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We’re still waiting. DoomNat- (line suddenly ends)

(the following is written in a different ink)

We came under attack again. This time, whoever’s behind this sent about 800 Grieferbots our way. Again, they were all modeled after DooM monsters, with most being former humans. They Linked in and opened fire. Didn’t get a word of warning. I was right here in my room when the alarms sounded. I ran over to the drawer, grabbed my Beretta and hauled ass. I don’thave any armor yet. Neither does anyone else.

By the time we all got outside, the Grieferbots were swarming over the compound. The spectres were the worst- you could see them with a little help in the game, but these fuckers are nearly impossible to detect on the Web. And in the middle of a chaotic battle, the one thing you won’t notice is a spectre sneaking up on you and trying to rip your head off. Saw it happen to a few Users. Poor bastards.
It lasted for about an hour. The conflict outside was bad enough, but then some Bots started sneaking into the compound. Me and a few other guys ran into the Blogs section, greeted by a bunch of Shotgunners. Me and only one other guy survived that, but I took a shell straight to the right shoulder. Thankfully, later use of InstaHeal patched that right up. Hurt like absolute hell though.

After the battle, Linguica announced that more weapons will be coded, as well as combat armor come tomorrow morning. The members here who have been in the military will also be training us on how to fight effectively. About damn time! That also starts tomorrow morning. Gonna be an interesting day, that’s for sure.

As I *tried* to write before, DoomNation has gone offline. Linguica is recommending that no one tries to Link there, as we have no idea what caused the site to cease. We do however, have quite the educated guess: Bots took it offline. Probably the ones that attacked us. Needless to say, no one took the news well. A couple are pissed that Linguica didn’t order heavier weaponry already. Can’t say I blame them.

It’s getting late and I’m mentally exhausted. I’ll try to get some sleep, but I can’t guarantee if it’ll work.

The time is 11:05 PM.

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We had our first “class” today. The non-military Users were put into Forum rooms while two instructors would teach them everything about weaponry. Specifically, our handguns.

My class was interesting, to the say the least. Our instructors were two Greek guys: Maes and Mr. Freeze. Maes is actually Greek, tall, muscular, and speaks softly but with a firm determination. Mr. Freeze on the other hand is Greek-American (I can tell. He’s got the nose), shorter, always looks irritated and isn’t afraid to raise his voice.
They Coded some targets in front of us and we took turns blasting at them. I did ok, but some of the other guys couldn’t hit the target once. Maes would offer practical tips and encouragement, while Mr. Freeze just paced and flipped out at random folks for lack of trigger discipline. I know that discipline is essential to any army, but we are not an army nor can we be expected to perform on the same level as any army. At least, not yet.

After we had finished that, the two showed us individually how to disassemble, reassemble, and reload our weapons. Mr. Freeze taught me, all the while going on about my Italian-made Beretta was terrible, and how Italy was only good for spaghetti and tomatoes. Needless to say, I was extremely uncomfortable.

After everyone had learned the ins and outs of their guns, the two instructors brought out a bunch of plastic and metal briefcases and gave us each one. Inside were neatly-arranged Colt M4s, extra magazines, a ballistic vest and a few accessories. The rest of the class was Maes talking about how to fire, strip, reload and unjam the M4s. Firing mine was a blast, despite all the noise. Thankfully, SenseRepair exists, so any permanent damage wasn’t a risk.

After class, we all went our separate ways. Word on the street indicates that we are going to be split into teams and squads. Sounds exciting, if not for the fact that we have a lot of lightweights on this Site. Most of these guys I wouldn’t trust to carry my bag, let alone fire a weapon. I guess I’ll have to wait until the next battle rolls around to determine that for sure.

Halloween came today. Truth be told, I almost forgot about it with all the bad news. Managed to create a costume in about 10 seconds: Louis from L4D. I even had the tie. Only problem was my hair didn’t quite match up, so I had to shave it. Turned out pretty good, if I say so myself. We had a party in the forum, with shitloads of candy. I guess even under duress the average man can have fun.

The time is 10:10 PM. Busy playing DooM 3. Goddamn chainsaw zombies.


This is mostly a lead-up to a WAD I'll be releasing in about a year or so. The premise of the story is that the Internet has become a type of Matrix-like world where humans live out their lives in peaceful anarchy, but at the mercy of other humans ("Users") and the odd Bot and virus attacks.

Expect the perspective to change a few times between the main characters. Three have already been introduced, and the fourth is on his way.

Also expect cameos from various Doomers, website raids, journeys into the forgotten and virus-infested sections of the web, political opinions, and loads of brutal violence.

Also, expect some philosophical musings. Specifically, thoughts on the necessities of war and punishment, the willingness to sacrifice all, and what it means to be a soldier.

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Mr. Freeze said:

Also expect cameos from various Doomers, website raids, journeys into the forgotten and virus-infested sections of the web, political opinions, and loads of brutal violence.


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I'm still going to be writing this, but progress has been slow due to a number of factors. Expect the next chapter to be from my character's perspective, as well as thoughts on leadership.

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