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It is pretty much the same as null, and no you don't need a sprite for it.

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UnawarePresence said:

So its sort of like NULL? And do I need a sprite called TNT1 to use it?

The difference with NULL is that TNT1 really "exists" as far as the code goes. It's a special case treated as invisible. NULL isn't a special case, it's only invisible because you don't provide sprites for it; but if you did, it'd show.

Here's an example where using NULL instead of TNT1 is a bad idea: ZDoom uses the sprite from the first frame of the spawn state to guess if an actor's sprites are present or not. If it's TNT1, it'll know that it's invisible, so it'll count as present. If it's NULL, however, it'll look for the NULL sprites, won't find them, and will instead spawn an error marker.

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