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Blowing Bytes to Bits

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The text-based Doom roguelike DoomRL has been updated to version 0.9.9.

Many notable improvements have been made over the previous version, 9.8.10, such as ultimate Master Traits, alternative fire modes for most weapons, exiting new challenge modes, and a total revamp of the player progress system!

You can grab the latest release here. A forum thread detailing the changes is here. Research into how the author fit a Cyberdemon into a letter C roughly 8 by 14 pixels is still ongoing.

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udderdude said:

Not to be confused with DoomIRL, where you summon a gate to hell right in your own bedroom.

Don't try this at Homeā„¢

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I love this game and this release has improved it massively. I would recommend to anyone remotely interested in roguelikes - it's easy to get into and is as deep as Hell itself! :)

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