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We got texture artists here?

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Well, I certainly doubt anyone would complain if he made a taller and/or vertically tiling version, but while its current state limits its potential use, it'd fit perfectly in a 64-high sector so I could see it fitting nicely behind some removed panels or underneath some low trim or something.

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Gez said:

it doesn't tile vertically, which is maybe a problem for so short a texture

Yes, I see this problem, so its use is actually limited to small window-like constructions in the wall, next step for me would be creating a texture which works better on larger walls.

The next attempt shows the same problem, I will try to to make some kind of metal frame around the next one so it has no problems to fit horizontally an vertically.

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SaltySailor said:

Finally I got my first texture working thanks to hints here in this forum.

Looks awesome.

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