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A couple of very old wads...

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REMENANT.WAD for doom2
LABYRINT.WAD for heretic

At the request of my older brother (he made the wads), I am looking for these wads. They were both uploaded to the archives before they went down a few years ago. Both levels were lost. If anyone has them or knows where to find them, please post a reply.

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Possible, but unlikely. I'm sure it was called LABYRINT. The most ditinguishing feature of the map is an octagonal maze, looks kind of like a wagon wheel. The maze is extremely frustrating, even looking in the map editor may not help. I'm sure that someone remembers playing it.

REMENANT is an industrial base type level with a very well designed ship docked there. There is a cyber battle near the end in an area filled with pillars where you get a plasma gun (no bfg).

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