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Sprite problems

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I am making a wad that uses new sprites except wintex only takes 256 bitmaps so I have odd looking sprites right now. Is there any other program I can use that accepts plain old bitmaps perhaps? Or is there aany way i can get this 256 stuff to look better?

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Assuming your sprites are 24bit BMP's - you could try using IrfanView to reduce the palette to 8bit (though if they're not based on the Doom palette there's every likelyhood they'll still look strange when Wintex has finished with them) or convert them to PNG images then use either XWE or SLumpEd to import them into your wad - that's assuming they're destined for a source port that accepts PNG images.

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Out of interest, what sourceports do accept PNG? I know GZdoom and Skulltag do, but I am unsure of bogstandard Zdoom or any other ports.

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AFAIK WinTex accepts 24-bit bitmaps (only in BMP format though) and automatically converts them to Doom's palette by a closest hue algorithm. This is necessary, as Doom itself only has a fixed set of 256 colors. Unfortunately this simple algorithm is often inaccurate and many shades are just turned into messy greys.

Anyway, to avoid reposting stuff that has been written time and again check out these older posts of mine:

Re: Textures looks like crap!.

High quality DOOM palette conversion

If you want more control over the process you can use a tool such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro that allows more control over the color reduction process, and where you can also manually edit the results.

Follow this link to get a copy of the Doom palette for use with PSP and other graphics software:

where can i get a copy of doom palette?

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