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Docking area

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The gameplay is actually pretty good, however the design is quite lacking. You had some good ideas, like the castle with the lowering door, but most of it looked like random stuff. The moment I entered the library my views shifted to "dodgy 1994 map" and sadly this theme is recreated throughout most of the map. In some places it even looked like it was generated by an old version of Oblige! You're obviously a beginning mapper and will get better over time.

The bit where you press a switch at the end of the library and a pillar lowers with a switch on one side was not obvious at all and I had to restart the level and look at the automap to see what had changed. The reason was because the switch was on the wall facing side!! You should make it face the player to ensure he doesn't get frustrated/bored.

Also, I was faced with a great many doors that wouldn't open but had some workaround that needed jumping or crouching. It wasn't obvious at first because most maps are created without jumping in mind, and it said "For ZDoom and GZDoom and Skull Tag" only at the very end of the text file.

Closing note, if you're going to use ZDoom, please perhaps add some messages to tell us what that switch just did. Overall, the gameplay is pretty fun, but the detail is a bit rectangular. Three stars.

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