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Few Question about TAS Demos..

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I've been watching Speedruns for years..both Regular and TAS runs. And well I decided I want to try to make a TAS run. I thought about making a run and figured I should make a TAS run of the game I know the best (Obviously Doom). But I have a couple questions. I am already using the newest version of PRBoom Plus. I have the Doom Replay Editor but it is too long and tedious for my liking. Anyways back to my questions.

1) How do I do save and reload? I know of the -recordfromto but is that the only way? That seems like it would be a pain in the ass to have to keep exiting and reloading but if thats the only way then so be it.

2) If I have to exit and reopen all the time how do I combine the LMPs?

3) Is PRDoom Plus the only Windows port that I can do TAS demos on? I know of TASDoom and TASMBF but TASMBF does not run on my computer.

If anyone could give me some advice or tips on making a TAS demo I would really appreciate it.

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