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Complicated PRBoom video question

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Is there a way to use non-standard resolutions in full screen without it being changed to a standard resolution?

What I mean is, I can use 960x600 in a window on my 1024x768 display, but if I switch to full screen, it's automatically changed to 800x600.

What I'm trying to do is something like this.

Basically, I'm trying to get non-standard resolutions (like 960x600) to display in full screen as the closest (but bigger) standard resolution (in this case 1024x768) with black bars making up the difference.

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Pretty much no video card or monitor supports 960x600 as a fullscreen resolution. I've tried it on many different computers and it never works.

BTW, 960x720 is the largest windowed resolution with the proper aspect ratio that will fit on a 1024x768 desktop, not 960x600. But it has the disadvantage that it will overlap with the Windows task bar due to the window's title bar. SDL at least does not take the title bar into account (or is not allowed to by Windows' positioning code) when centering the screen. This leads to the need to manually reposition the window every time the game is started, which is a mild annoyance.

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Never_Again said:

The current test version of prBoom-plus (v2.5.0.5) may make it redundant, though.

I just noticed this, automatically centers windows, so that basically let's me do what I was trying to accomplish in the first post.

The only problem I'm having with this is that it's being centered based on the entire window (including the title bar at the top) which causes the actual Doom screen to be off center. Is there a way to center it based on the Doom screen only? If not, I can live with it being mostly centered.

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