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Release Cleanup!

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Time to focus on fixing quite a few things before next release. This list is a reminder of what needs to be finished up or fixed. Please post bug reports or oddities that I may have missed. Feel free to help!
Mappers send in your updated maps!
For map bugs please post them in the map thread.

-= Stuff to Fix =-

Some Plutonia textures are mismatched in texture1.
A few Plutonia textures look awful. Will Darken.
Some Tnt large textures scale wrong.
Get rid of all the Freedoom patches in Ultimate Freedoom.
Fix M_Episode that keeps spamming Zdoom/Skulltag console.
Remake Cyberdemon wakeup sound.
That spastic Imp frame.
Unknown texture: "HELP2" Zdoom, on beating E1

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Map13 needs to be reviewed by other players.
If too big, I have plans to delete elevator.
Need to know how bad before the last minute.

No music selected for map13, as I do not have music available on
this computer. I am oblivious to whatever the music is, or if there
is even any music.

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I think the imp frame problem is actually a bug in Doom: when sprites are mirrored, the x offset isn't adjusted accordingly, so the imp appears to "jump". It can probably be worked around by increasing the image size so that the body of the imp is in the center of the image.

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