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Mapgame demos

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I just completed a little UV Speed demo pack for rf's amazing mapgame.wad.
I recorded on -complevel 9 which i hope is correct.

Here are my records: (but you better check the demos themselves ;)

E1M1: 2:10
E1M2: 1:40
E1M3: 1:31
E1M3s: 0:06
E1M4: 1:15
E1M5: 2:46
E1M6: 1:10
E1M7: 1:56
E1M9: 3:21

Also, I made this thread and didn't post in the miscellaneous demos because i hope there might be more demos coming from more players... hm?


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Oh wow! I didn't even know anyone was doing speeddemos. Also those are amazing speeds. My average time is usually 5-10 minutes :P

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