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Starke Von Oben

Problems with Scaling hanging Sprites in Zdoom

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I have a sprite that's 128 x 182 that I want to be hanging from the ceiling. I want it scaled down to 0.3, and everything works fine until I walk around the sprite and I realize it's "moving" around the ceiling above.

Here's the DECORATE code:

actor ElectricLight 10247
height 72
radius 51
scale 0.3


Are there limits with scaling?

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It's more likely to be an offset issue with the sprite graphic. From memory, the Y offset of a hanging sprite needs to be the same as the height of the actor (72 in your case). How that is affected by scaling, I don't know. It works for unscaled sprites. Also, make sure that the X offset correctly centres the sprite. It sounds from your description like that could be wrong too.

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