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Heretic/Hexen Palette

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i know that the latest version doesn't contain a palette fo hexen and heretic.
if only the newer version will support those,because many textures cannot be merged and applied succesfully;besides some custom monsters appear graphicly bad!!

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Did a quick'n'dirty experiment with Baker's Legacy that seems to have worked.

  • Extract the textures to a temporary directory.
  • Edit the MAINWAD path in xwe.ini (near the end under <TOOLS>) to point to HERETIC.WAD - OR - if you're likely to be doing this on a regular basis, install a second copy of XWE, give the .exe a slightly different name and set it up to use HERETIC.WAD as the main wad.
  • Create a new wad and load the textures into it - XWE will convert the images and apply the palette to them, though the process isn't flawless.
  • The tranparent background used by several textures will now show as white (colour 035) and will need remapping. For this example we can start with BANNER0 - select Color Remap from the Image menu, double-click on the 035 entry and type 247 into the requester that pops up - this step only needs to be done once. Select Perform Color Remap then Save for that texture and any others you find with white backgrounds.
  • Once that's done, add PP_START/PP_END markers and close/re-open the wad.
  • Highlight all the patches, right-click and Add to Texture. Close the wad.
  • Close XWE and (if you didn't do a second install) undo the changes in xwe.ini.
You should now have a Heretic compatible version of Baker's Legacy.

A variation of this process can be used to convert monsters from the Bestiary - obviously you won't be adding them to the texture lump.

Hope this helps.

EDIT - If you don't mind changing lump editors, essel describes a more elegant solution here which left only 2 textures in need of colour remapping.

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