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Bfall or FIRELAV2 or someting like that as floor texture?

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I am locking for a animated floor texture that goes along whit maybe Bfall or FIRELAV2.

Any texture that is a good fit for it?

I am also locking for a nice sky texture the Doom2 texture F_SKY1 work but maybe to common and not is very well fitted in my map.

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Any idea?

I don't think LAVASTK fit in very well in this picture (I have done a lot more after this picture was taken.)

I need a animated texture that fits in good whit BFALL(insertnumber), FIREMAG(insertnumber), FLOOR6_1 (if there is any simulare texture that is animated that can replace FLOOR6_1 it would be nice).


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Skulltag has some textures that may prove useful, such as the lavafall animation you mention above...but Doom2 already has a bloodfall texture.

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